One Size Fits All – Doesn’t It? Not so in the Aviation Insurance Biz

It’s a sad fact that many people believe that where insurance is concerned the policy of “one size fits all” holds true. So many people have similar requirements that a generic policy will do. For instance, as regards contents insurance many companies offer cover up to a certain value. Homeowners think that as long as they are covered for $X amount that will be sufficient.   Not true. Especially when it comes to top aviation insurance companies. There are so many variables when it comes to aviation insurance that it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if you are not a seasoned expert. Our mission at ZANETTE is to inventory the needs and requirements of each and every customer: some are single flyers, with just one private jet; others are big flight schools or flight clubs; and still others are commercial time-shares that parcel out the use of corporate jets. Whatever your skill level, flying habits, type of aircraft and other needs – if it's in the air, we can insure it. That includes drone insurance for commercial drone needs. But Take a Common Example: Car Insurance   Let’s look at car insurance as an example; something more people understand than aircraft insurance. A car is a vehicle with four wheels, one at each corner, right? Yes, there are cheap cars and expensive cars, cars with all sorts of accessories and cars that are very basic. But ultimately they are all the same and do the same thing – get you from point A to point B.    Aviation Insurance

A Whole Different Ball Game: Aviation Insurance Rates and Quotes

However, when it comes to aircraft it’s a whole different ball game.   Certainly, all planes fly. That’s where the similarity ends.   There are light aircraft, small aircraft, large aircraft, jet planes, turbo-prop planes, gliders, helicopters, private planes, commercial planes – do you begin to see where this is going?   Then there are the uses to which an aircraft is put. Some aircraft owners just fly at weekends for the sake of being up in the sky. Others fly around the country. Still others fly around the world. Some carry passengers. Some carry goods. Some are used for aerobatic displays. Some may fly across territories where there is the risk of being shot down.   Top aviation insurance companies know all this – as do we at ZANETTE Aviation – and policies can vary enormously as a result.  

Our Job Is To See That You Get The Insurance That Is Right For You and Your Aviation Needs

Our job is to see to it that you get the insurance that is right for your particular circumstances, and unlike car insurance, everyone’s circumstances are different from the next aircraft owner. Entering the aviation insurance world is a nightmare unless you know exactly what you are doing.   Fortunately, at Zanette Aviation we have over 25 years’ experience insuring aircraft and we do know what we are doing.   We wouldn’t dream of recommending an insurance policy until we know exactly what your circumstances are – how you fly, why you fly, whether you carry cargo or passengers, where you fly, and a long list more.   Only once we understand your specific situation, which is different from everyone else’s, can we then go into the market and find an answer which is tailor made for YOU. We only ever recommend top aviation insurance companies with A.M. best rating “A” or better.   We have been in the business of aviation insurance for long enough to know where to go for the ideal solutions for you at the most affordable rates.

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