Why You Need An Independent Company For Aviation Insurance

Many people are under the impression that they can go to their usual insurance broker in order to get aviation insurance quotes, or even go directly to an aviation insurance company. It’s true that you could do that. It's also true that you could just be pretty lazy, and not do a lot of due diligence on what you're buying and whom you're buying it from.   However, aviation insurance is a specialist field all on its own, and your average insurance broker won’t have a clue! He probably knows no more about aviation insurance quotes than you do. An aviation insurance company will be fully conversant with aviation insurance, but it will only offer you its own products. There is probably a better policy for your needs at a better rate with a different company. You need to go to a specialized, independent company for aviation insurance, and (even better) to go to a company with a reputation for excellent customer service and vendor neutrality.  

Over 25 Years’ Experience in the Aviation Insurance Industry

Aviation Insurance CompanyAt ZANETTE Aviation Insurance Service Inc. we have over 25 years of experience in getting the right aviation insurance quotes for every client. (The clue is in our name!).   The problem with aviation insurance quotes is that there are so many variables. There is a multitude of different aircraft to begin with: small aircraft, large aircraft, jet aircraft, turbo-prop aircraft, helicopters, gliders, passenger aircraft, commercial aircraft, short haul aircraft, long haul aircraft – even drones! (In fact, one of our newer areas of insurance is, indeed, drone insurance).   Then there is the question of what you are going to do with your aircraft. Are you using it for personal flying in order to hop around the country, or are you taking passengers? If you are taking passengers, are they paying you? Are you a flying instructor? Do you deliver goods for your customers, and if so, what? Are you an aerobatic pilot giving public displays? The list goes on and on.  Photo credit: xurde via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

A Nightmare of Complexity to Choose the Right Policy

Finding the right aviation insurance quotes on your own would be nothing short of a nightmare. That’s why you need a specialist independent aviation insurance broker / company like ours. We will analyze exactly what you need and then provide you with aviation insurance quotes ONLY from A.M. best rated “A” or better insurance carriers.   We know how to talk to aviation insurance underwriters and we know how to get the deal for you that gives you the cover that you need. The last thing you need is to have to make a claim and only then find that your insurance doesn’t cover you for that particular incident.   It goes without saying that we will get you the best rate available. We’ll negotiate on your behalf: remember that the aviation insurance quotes that we obtain for you are from top rated companies who want your business, and we let the underwriters know that we are obtaining two or three different quotes for you so that they are persuaded to offer their best rate.   So you can see that trying to go it alone when looking for aviation insurance quotes is a big mistake. In order to discuss your needs, call us now on 650-593-3030.