Loving to Fly and Insuring It, Too

As one of the top-rated companies selling into the aviation insurance marketplace, we deal with details on a daily basis.

For any aviation insurance quote, there are always a number of variables ranging from the type of aircraft to be insured, the pilots, and the use of the aircraft. We won't bore you with the details: there can be a lot of them! But, we never want to forget the beauty and amazing technological achievement that is flight. As we start our blog, in earnest, let's take a minute and move away from the technical details of finding you the best quote on aviation insurance, to just the sheer awesomeness and joy that is flying. For example,

  1. It's amazing! Let's face it, and let's not forget it. Flying is amazing. Humans have barely been flying not even a century, so it wasn't too long ago that people looked up to the sky at birds and bats and thought there is no way that a human would ever fly. From our perch here in San Carlos, we can watch the daily comings and goings of a major regional airport with many private aircraft. Just up the road, of course, is SFO which is a major international hub. But whether it's a gigantic Boeing 747 or a small Cessna – remember that it is truly amazing to fly.Aviation Insurance - Airplane in Flight
  2. Flying is fast. Another obvious but taken-for-granted point. Many of our customers who seek us out as people knowledgeable in the aircraft insurance business, have their own private planes. For many of them, the major business reason to have a private jet is the speed. A busy corporate executive can fly from Point A to Point B easily and fast, vs. on a commercial air flight. The reality, also, is that many smaller areas are inaccessible by commercial air, and having a private plane (obviously with great insurance) is a way to make nearly every point reachable.
  3. Flying a private airplane is discreet. We are in the shadow here, in San Carlos, of Silicon Valley. Whether it's Google or Facebook, Intel or Netgear, the big corporations often come to us as they own or rent private aircraft for their key employees and they need insurance. They are flying in this way, partially because of the speed issue, but also because of the privacy. If a big shot CEO gets on a commercial airliner, he or she is pretty certain to "be noticed" with all the hassles that entails. Flying smaller planes can avoid that fact.
  4. Flying is fun! Many people fly just for fun. They love to fly "as a hobby." So, their main insurance need is to cover recreational flying. But after the boring but necessary insurance stuff is done, it' s up up and away. They are flying for the sheer joy of it.

Almost as Fun as Flying: Writing Aviation Insurance Policies

We could go on and on about flying and loving to fly, but we'll stop. A blog post is supposed to be short, right? But as for loving to fly, we love to write insurance policies for it, too. Ok not as much, but we do love what we do. We love to get into the details of what types of insurance a customer needs, explore their options and identify risks that they may not have thought of. In addition, we have relationships with all the major aviation insurance carriers and so we can write policies that have the best rates. We are a neutral party – not working for any one insurance carrier, so we can "shop around."

So if you love to fly as we do, and you need insurance, why don't you let us help you set up the best insurance policy and we'll let you get to the flying!