We Love Flying And We Love Security And Peace Of Mind

Aviation InsuranceYes, it’s true. We put our hands up. We absolutely adore flying. Sure, our office is in the San Francisco Bay Area where we spend our working lives involved in aviation insurance, but the beauty of it is that we have San Carlos airport right outside, so we can watch all the different types of planes taking off and landing all day while we work. We don't pass a day without glancing out the window, watching a small plane take off, and really continuing to marvel at the miracle of flight. The Wright brothers have nothing on us: we love to fly, we love the aviation industry, and (yes) we love helping people identify the best aircraft insurance for their needs.   Back to our view: some of those very big commercial jets we see up to the north of us at SFO are outside the scope of our business, but the vast majority of the aircraft are not. We insure everything except the very biggest airliners.   No matter what sort of aircraft you own, it is fairly safe to say that we will find you the best insurance policy for it unless you happen to own American Airlines or Delta Air Lines. Assuming you don’t, we can help you. We'll sit down with you in person or over the phone and inventory your flying habits, skill level, type of aircraft and needs. Whether you are a single person with a single aircraft, or a flight school, or perhaps even someone in the new field of drones, we can help. (Drone insurance is our latest endeavor).   Photo credit: Derek Giovanni Photography via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

25+ Years Experience in the Aviation Insurance Industry

ZANETTE Aviation Insurance Service has been in the business of insuring aircraft and pilots for over 25 years, and we like to think that there is nothing that we don’t know about aircraft insurance.   Certainly, aircraft insurance is extremely complicated, not least because no two aircraft owner’s situations are identical. What will fit one owner to a “T” will be completely wrong for the next one. Anything which flies – apart from spacecraft – comes under our remit, but there are an incredible amount of variations. Aircraft come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and are used for a wide ranging variety of purposes by a wide diversity of people.   Some owners just fly for pleasure, while others fly on business. Some may deliver cargo while others carry passengers. Then there are not only fixed wing aircraft, but helicopters, and now drones, and even balloons!  

Aircraft Insurance Is Extremely Complicated

You begin to see why the business of aircraft insurance is extremely complicated and requires a considerable amount of knowledge and experience. At Zanette Aviation we are able to provide aircraft owners with both.   Our job is to meet you and find out exactly what you do and what your circumstances are. We wouldn’t even consider recommending an insurer without having every last piece of information from you.   However, once we have that, we then have access to the top aircraft insurance companies in the US and we will find a policy that is exactly right for you and is at the best rates available. We only ever use top rated insurance underwriters so that we can be certain that you are covered for every possible sort of incident.   If you are looking for the very best aircraft insurance policy that you can get, then you have come to the right website.   Talk to us right now on 650-539-3030, and let us find the perfect aircraft insurance for you.