Commercial Aviation Insurance

Commercial aviation insurance requires insurance coverage that can be quite different from that for the use of aircraft for personal or pleasure use. The exposure to risk is different and greater than for personal usage, whether it's for the pilots or passengers, employees or business owners, or the risks involved in heavier use of aircraft for commercial use. A good first step is to have a detailed conversation with us about the commercial aircraft to be insured, the types of usages, and the passengers or other persons involved. Armed with that detailed knowledge, we can go to work identifying the best policies and insurance carriers to fit your business or commercial aircraft insurance needs.

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Commercial Aircraft Insurance / Commercial Aviation InsuranceWe deal only with A. M. Best rated “A” or better aircraft insurance companies for commercial aircraft insurance, and have decades of experience in negotiating not only the best rates for your commercial airplane insurance policy, but also the best coverage available in the aviation industry. We will take the difficulty and guesswork out of the process of insuring your aircraft so you can spend your time more effectively. Persons using aircraft for business or commercial purposes often come to us either before a business venture, or after one is underway, shopping for the best commercial aviation coverage and rates. It's all about value and trust when it comes to writing a policy for commercial aviation usages. While there are online aviation insurance calculators, the reality is that nothing is as nuanced or experienced as a trained insurance agent. After asking a few questions about the aircraft you wish to insure, and the type of commercial flying being done, we will go out and research the best available rates for you. We’ll come back with firm estimates and a discussion of the pros and cons of different policies and aviation insurance companies.

Available Aircraft Insurance Policies

The coverages available for your aircraft, cabin class twin, helicopter, or corporate jet, include:

  • Hull Values up to $50 Million
  • Liability Limits up to $500 Million
  • Excess Hull and Liability Coverage for those with higher requirements
  • Covered Territories for aircraft:


    • United States of America
    • European Regulation Coverage / European Union (EU) Coverage
    • Asia and India
    • Worldwide Coverage aka "Anywhere in the World"

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