Aviation Insurance Policy Types

Aviation Insurance


Aircraft, as Websters is proud to tell us, refers to any machine capable of flight – be that a helicopter, an airplane, or even a drone. Whatever aircraft you have (or are thinking of buying), we can probably insure it. As a business or business owner, you want the peace of mind that comes in knowing your aviation insurance is placed with solid aviation insurance carriers that offer superior coverage at a competitive price.

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We deal only with A. M. Best rated "A" or better aviation insurance companies and have decades of experience in negotiating not only the best rates for your aircraft insurance policy, but also the best coverage available in the aviation industry. We will take the difficulty and guesswork out of the process of insuring your aircraft so you can spend your time more effectively. People often come to us after purchasing a new aircraft (or before they do so), and wonder how much will aircraft insurance cost, what are the best carriers, and how much coverage is needed? While there are online aviation insurance calculators, the reality is that nothing is as nuanced or experienced as a trained insurance agent. After asking a few questions about your experience, the aircraft you wish to insure, and the type of flying you will be doing, we will go out and research the best available rates for you. We’ll come back with firm estimates and a discussion of the pros and cons of different policies and aviation insurance companies.

Available Aviation Insurance Policies

The coverages available for your aircraft, cabin class twin, helicopter, or corporate jet, include:

  • Hull Values up to $50 Million
  • Liability Limits up to $500 Million
  • Excess Hull and Liability Coverage for those with higher requirements
  • Covered Territories for aircraft:





    • United States of America
    • European Regulation Coverage / European Union (EU) Coverage
    • Asia and India
    • Worldwide Coverage aka "Anywhere in the World"

Contact us or submit an aviation insurance quote online to start the quote process! Read our detailed information pages to learn more about insurance for all types of aircraft and aircraft usages:

  • Flying Clubs
  • Flight Schools
  • Fixed Base Operators (FBOs)
  • Charter Aircraft
  • Instruction & Rental
  • Airports & Private Airparks
  • Maintenance & Repair Facilities

Fun Facts about World Airports, Aviation, Aircraft and/or Insurance

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest in the United States. It was founded on April 16, 1925, when Mayor Walter A. Sims signs a five-year lease on an abandoned auto racetrack and commits the City to developing it into an airfield. As part of the agreement, this 287 acres of land is renamed Candler Field after its former owner's family, including Coca-Cola magnate Asa Candler. The infield of the old racetrack had been used as a landing site for many years prior to 1925. On September 15, 1926, Florida Airways delivers mail on the Tampa/Jacksonville/Atlanta route to become the first commercial flight into Candler Field. (Source: http://www.atlanta-airport.com/fifth/atl/Airport_History.aspx).