Insurance Is One Of The Strangest Purchases You Will Ever Make

It’s a fact that insurance is a very odd thing to buy: it is the only purchase that we make in the fervent hope that we never have to use it!   Certainly, in some instances it is compulsory. For example, it is illegal to drive a car or fly an airplane without insurance. For your home or contents you have a choice: there is no legal requirement that you insure those.   Yet we all do it.   At the same time we keep our fingers crossed that we never need it!   Now if that isn’t an odd way to spend money, we don’t know what is! Of course, in the aviation industry everyone recognizes the need for insurance. However, some people fail to really brainstorm their risks and needs, and so they (in a sense) are flying fingers crossed. You want to pre-imagine what you need, and at ZANETTE our specialists will help you do just that: inventory your aviation insurance needs. 

Tongue In Cheek: Everyone Needs to Insure Something

All right, tongue in cheek a little here. The fact is that in this world “stuff” happens. It is possible, although unlikely, to live your whole life without some “stuff” happening, so if – or more likely when – it happens you want to know that the cost of it will not have to come out of your own pocket.   What you are actually buying with insurance – aviation insurance or any other type of insurance – is peace of mind. That is what you are paying for. You can sleep easy in the knowledge that if the worst happens, at least it won’t cost you any money.   In that sense it doesn’t matter whether the damage is to your own property or to that of someone else. Either way, you need it covered, and that is what a good insurance policy should provide.  

Aviation Insurance

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Cover Every Eventuality, Doubly So in the Air

The trick with insurance is to make certain that you have covered every eventuality from the outset. That is why you need the services of a specialist such as ZANETTE. Our specialty is aviation insurance. If you want to insure your horse, that’s not our field (oops, sorry!).   Because we have been in the aviation insurance business for over 25 years we have seen it all. More importantly, we know what needs to be covered for the particular type of flying that you do.   We will discuss with you exactly what it is that you do, what you need covered, how much cover you should have, and even what you don’t need covered. Once we understand exactly what your situation is, we can then come up with a tailor-made policy to suit your needs. Our long experience means that we know exactly which insurance policy will fit your needs and which underwriter is the best fit.   This means that you get aviation insurance that covers what you need at the best possible price. At the same time, we hope that you never need to use it!  

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