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Everyone's aviation and aircraft insurance needs are unique. Perhaps you are flying for pleasure only, perhaps you own a corporate jet or perhaps you are just renting one. Other situations are companies that own aircraft for use by their top executives and VPs, and still others are flying schools or clubs. Aviation Insurance CompaniesThe point is that everyone's usage patterns are unique, as are the skill levels of the folks who will be sitting in the cockpit. And, of course, so is exposure and risk tolerance. By working with a skilled aviation insurance broker, you'll get not only our expertise in the industry but also our neutrality: we represent many different companies and can help you select the one that best suits your needs on an independent broker. We work with the best aviation insurance companies, but our goal is to find you the best policy for your needs: the best match between what you need and what these top-rated companies have to offer.

People often ask us for the 'Top 10 aviation insurance companies,' when really what they mean is what is the BEST aviation insurance company for them? Similarly, they ask what are the 'Top 10 aviation insurance brokers,' when really what they mean is what broker will work hardest for them to find the BEST aviation insurance company. It depends and we'll work with you to find the best aviation insurance company for your individualized needs.

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