Fly A Drone? You Need Insurance

More and more businesses are beginning to use drones in the US, and if you fly one commercially, you will need drone insurance coverage. To give you an idea of the expansion of drones, at the beginning of 2015 only around a dozen companies were working in the drone industry. Today that figure is 3,500 and climbing fast. In fact, each request to fly drones on a commercial basis, today, is looked at individually by the FAA and if you complete all the necessary paperwork and file it today you can expect to wait some 5 or 6 months before receiving your exemption. The queue is growing by the hour.

Key Industries Embracing Drones: Real Estate, Filming, and Agriculture

Drone InsuranceMany of the businesses applying to use drones commercially are involved in real estate and the film industry, but other applications include agricultural use and inspection of utility infrastructures. (At this time, recreational use is exempt but those drones are significantly less advanced in a technological sense). Safety guidelines have to be followed, whether a drone is being used in a commercial or non-commercial capacity. For non commercial use of drones, these restrictions include the fact that you must fly in daylight and under 400 feet, you are not allowed to fly in national parks nor directly over people, and there are some additional guidelines as well. Photo credit: wahousegop via / CC BY-NDAmong the more common uses of drones are:

  • Real Estate. Using drones to get aerial photography of larger properties, ranches, and other types of real estate wherein photography or videos can be used for sales.
  • Agriculture. Many agricultural uses are in difficult-to-get-to locations, and drones allow aerial surveillance of terrain, livestock, crops, etc. In combination with GPS and advanced imaging, drones can really make a big boost to the technology of agriculture.
  • Filming. Any type of filming that might require an aerial vantage point.

Of course the mainstream media has made a big deal about the use of drones to deliver packages, but this isn't happening (yet) on a commercial basis. If you are already in the drone industry, or thinking about getting in, there is not just the technology or industry application, there is also the insurance needed.

Anything that Flies Can Cause Problems; Hence the Need for Insurance

However, drones of both commercial and non-commercial use can create risk and liability problems. For example, you may be flying over what you think is an empty field, yet a hiker has decided to use it as a shortcut. Your drone is not like flying a light aircraft: if the power fails in an aircraft you may be able to glide it down to land safely. If the power fails in your drone it is going to drop out of the sky and there is nothing that you can do about it. Should it hit the aforementioned hiker, the consequences will be disastrous. You need drone insurance! Of course, if you are flying drones commercially you need drone insurance in any case.


ZANETTE Aviation: the Leader in Drone Insurance


Fortunately for you, ZANETTE aviation can provide the insurance you need at a price you can afford. We deal only with top-rated insurance companies who offer drone insurance on a worldwide basis – aka anywhere in the world – which means exactly what it says. You can opt for basic liability limits with or without physical damage, and you also have the option of increased liability limits. Whether you fly your drone commercially or privately, to talk about drone insurance call 650-593-3030 and talk to Joe Zanette who is our drone specialist.