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Insurance for UAS / UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)Dronae Insurance - Insurance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Drone insurance is part of the emerging unmanned aircraft industry. As drones grow in popularity and use, so does the need for drone insurance. Drones are also known as UAV’s or unmanned aerial vehicles. The FAA notes them as UAS – unmanned aircraft systems. Uses for drones span from personal business ventures such as real estate and aerial photography to agriculture and even to aid first responders in the event of a fire or disaster. Although your personal need for a drone is individual, drone insurance coverage is essential and necessary for commercial drone use in most applications. Exposure to liability from an accident with a drone is evolving quickly. A smart first step to finding the best drone insurance is to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable aviation insurance brokers. We have decades of aircraft insurance experience and understand the importance of smart drone insurance in the new DRONE/UAS insurance market.

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In the emerging UAS market we understand that a smart drone insurance policy is key. We only work with A.M. Best rated “A” or better aircraft insurance companies. These business are top in their field because they see the value of properly ensuring a new aerial market, such as drone use. We will take the confusion out of the process of insuring your drones / UAVs / UASs so you can spend your time on other business details. After our professional broker asks a few questions, we will research the best rate and plan for your drone insurance. We’ll come back with firm estimates and discuss your specific needs so you receive the best drone insurance plan for your situation.

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Available Drone Insurance Policies

The coverage available for your DRONE / (UAS / UAV) includes:

  • Basic Liability Limits with or without Physical damage start at $1 Million Liability per occurrence with no Aggregate limits.
  • Increased Liability Limits also available. Higher Liability Limits start at $2 million and can far exceed $5 Million for Drone fleets, research/development and special uses.
  • Covered Territories:


    • Worldwide Coverage aka "Anywhere in the World"

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Fun Facts about World Airports, Aviation, Aircraft and/or Insurance

Effective December 21, 2015, anyone who owns a small unmanned aircraft of a certain weight must register with the Federal Aviation Administration's Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) registry before they fly outdoors. People who previously operated their UAS must register by February 19, 2016. People who do not register could face civil and criminal penalties. Owners must register their UAS by paper if it meets the following guidelines:

  • Your aircraft is used for commercial purposes.
  • Your aircraft is used for other than hobby and recreation.
  • Your aircraft is greater than 55 lbs.
  • You intend to operate your aircraft outside of the United States.

(Source: https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration).