Aviation Insurance For Flight Schools: Complex Needs

When you run flight schools your needs for aviation insurance can be quite complex. It is not just you and your aircraft up in the sky, it is your students as well. As you will know from your own experience, learning to drive is one thing, but the first time you take the controls of an aircraft it is quite another. We really admire aviation schools, as they are training the next generation for flight, but we also recognize that they have very specific aviation insurance needs. No two schools are alike!   Your aviation insurance needs to cover not only anything that you as the aircraft owner might do, but also anything that a person taking those controls for the first time might mistakenly do. Just as car insurance is more expensive for young drivers, here – too – the younger, less experienced have different needs. A thorough inventory of what your flight school does, who it trains, and how your training operations work (as well as the types of aircraft in use) is very much in order.  

A Single Prop Chipmunk!

There are so many different possibilities. This writer well remembers when learning to fly – in a single prop Chipmunk – (yes it was a long time ago! and yes! this is rather imaginary!) doing “circuits and bumps” when another aircraft flew straight across us just as I was coming in to land. The voice from my instructor, Stephen, sitting behind me, came over the headphones “I‘ll take it!”   With that he pulled back the stick, opened the throttle and climbed over the offending aircraft, and then came in to land. Once on the ground he was braking hard, but the Chipmunk seemed to be going very fast. We eventually pulled up just 50 yards short of the fence at the end of the runway, on the other side of which was a main highway!   The voice behind me said “Oh ****! I’d forgotten you only had 15º of flap on!” We had come in too high, too short, too fast, and with only half the brakes. That could have been a very nasty accident.   Aviation insurance for flight schools needs to cover an incident like that.  

Aviation for Flight Schools

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Complex Aviation Needs for Complex Flight Schools

This is one of the reasons why aviation insurance for flight schools can be so complex. At ZANETTE Aviation Insurance Service, we are aware of all the things that can happen and can make certain that the insurance quotes we provide for you cover every eventuality. It’s not just you that needs to be covered; it’s the others!   In addition, you may employ other instructors who also need to be covered on your insurance policy.

Our Staff: the Best in the Aviation Industry

ZANETTE Aviation Insurance staff will sit down with you and discuss every aspect of your business in order to ensure that we understand all of the things that need to be covered, and only then will we go out into the market to get aviation insurance for flight schools quotes from the A.M. best rated “A” or better insurance carriers. This way you get peace of mind knowing that if anything ever goes wrong you will always be covered for it.   Call us now on 650-593-3030 to discuss how we can help flight schools with their aviation insurance needs.