Why You Need An Independent Company For Aviation Insurance

Many people are under the impression that they can go to their usual insurance broker in order to get aviation insurance quotes, or even go directly to an aviation insurance company. It’s true that you could do that. It's also true that you could just be pretty lazy, and not do a lot of due diligence on what you're buying and whom you're buying it from.   However, aviation insurance is a specialist field all on its own, and your average insurance broker won’t have a clue! He probably knows no more about aviation insurance quotes than you do. An aviation insurance company will be fully conversant with aviation insurance, but it will only offer you its own products. There is probably a better policy for your needs at a better rate with a different company. You need to go to a specialized, independent company for aviation insurance, and (even better) to go to a company with a reputation for excellent customer service and vendor neutrality.  

Over 25 Years’ Experience in the Aviation Insurance Industry

Aviation Insurance CompanyAt ZANETTE Aviation Insurance Service Inc. we have over 25 years of experience in getting the right aviation insurance quotes for every client. (The clue is in our name!).   The problem with aviation insurance quotes is that there are so many variables. There is a multitude of different aircraft to begin with: small aircraft, large aircraft, jet aircraft, turbo-prop aircraft, helicopters, gliders, passenger aircraft, commercial aircraft, short haul aircraft, long haul aircraft – even drones! (In fact, one of our newer areas of insurance is, indeed, drone insurance).   Then there is the question of what you are going to do with your aircraft. Are you using it for personal flying in order to hop around the country, or are you taking passengers? If you are taking passengers, are they paying you? Are you a flying instructor? Do you deliver goods for your customers, and if so, what? Are you an aerobatic pilot giving public displays? The list goes on and on.  Photo credit: xurde via / CC BY-SA

A Nightmare of Complexity to Choose the Right Policy

Finding the right aviation insurance quotes on your own would be nothing short of a nightmare. That’s why you need a specialist independent aviation insurance broker / company like ours. We will analyze exactly what you need and then provide you with aviation insurance quotes ONLY from A.M. best rated “A” or better insurance carriers.   We know how to talk to aviation insurance underwriters and we know how to get the deal for you that gives you the cover that you need. The last thing you need is to have to make a claim and only then find that your insurance doesn’t cover you for that particular incident.   It goes without saying that we will get you the best rate available. We’ll negotiate on your behalf: remember that the aviation insurance quotes that we obtain for you are from top rated companies who want your business, and we let the underwriters know that we are obtaining two or three different quotes for you so that they are persuaded to offer their best rate.   So you can see that trying to go it alone when looking for aviation insurance quotes is a big mistake. In order to discuss your needs, call us now on 650-593-3030.  

Insurance Is One Of The Strangest Purchases You Will Ever Make

It’s a fact that insurance is a very odd thing to buy: it is the only purchase that we make in the fervent hope that we never have to use it!   Certainly, in some instances it is compulsory. For example, it is illegal to drive a car or fly an airplane without insurance. For your home or contents you have a choice: there is no legal requirement that you insure those.   Yet we all do it.   At the same time we keep our fingers crossed that we never need it!   Now if that isn’t an odd way to spend money, we don’t know what is! Of course, in the aviation industry everyone recognizes the need for insurance. However, some people fail to really brainstorm their risks and needs, and so they (in a sense) are flying fingers crossed. You want to pre-imagine what you need, and at ZANETTE our specialists will help you do just that: inventory your aviation insurance needs. 

Tongue In Cheek: Everyone Needs to Insure Something

All right, tongue in cheek a little here. The fact is that in this world “stuff” happens. It is possible, although unlikely, to live your whole life without some “stuff” happening, so if – or more likely when – it happens you want to know that the cost of it will not have to come out of your own pocket.   What you are actually buying with insurance – aviation insurance or any other type of insurance – is peace of mind. That is what you are paying for. You can sleep easy in the knowledge that if the worst happens, at least it won’t cost you any money.   In that sense it doesn’t matter whether the damage is to your own property or to that of someone else. Either way, you need it covered, and that is what a good insurance policy should provide.  

Aviation Insurance

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Cover Every Eventuality, Doubly So in the Air

The trick with insurance is to make certain that you have covered every eventuality from the outset. That is why you need the services of a specialist such as ZANETTE. Our specialty is aviation insurance. If you want to insure your horse, that’s not our field (oops, sorry!).   Because we have been in the aviation insurance business for over 25 years we have seen it all. More importantly, we know what needs to be covered for the particular type of flying that you do.   We will discuss with you exactly what it is that you do, what you need covered, how much cover you should have, and even what you don’t need covered. Once we understand exactly what your situation is, we can then come up with a tailor-made policy to suit your needs. Our long experience means that we know exactly which insurance policy will fit your needs and which underwriter is the best fit.   This means that you get aviation insurance that covers what you need at the best possible price. At the same time, we hope that you never need to use it!  

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Fly A Drone? You Need Insurance

More and more businesses are beginning to use drones in the US, and if you fly one commercially, you will need drone insurance coverage. To give you an idea of the expansion of drones, at the beginning of 2015 only around a dozen companies were working in the drone industry. Today that figure is 3,500 and climbing fast. In fact, each request to fly drones on a commercial basis, today, is looked at individually by the FAA and if you complete all the necessary paperwork and file it today you can expect to wait some 5 or 6 months before receiving your exemption. The queue is growing by the hour.

Key Industries Embracing Drones: Real Estate, Filming, and Agriculture

Drone InsuranceMany of the businesses applying to use drones commercially are involved in real estate and the film industry, but other applications include agricultural use and inspection of utility infrastructures. (At this time, recreational use is exempt but those drones are significantly less advanced in a technological sense). Safety guidelines have to be followed, whether a drone is being used in a commercial or non-commercial capacity. For non commercial use of drones, these restrictions include the fact that you must fly in daylight and under 400 feet, you are not allowed to fly in national parks nor directly over people, and there are some additional guidelines as well. Photo credit: wahousegop via / CC BY-NDAmong the more common uses of drones are:

  • Real Estate. Using drones to get aerial photography of larger properties, ranches, and other types of real estate wherein photography or videos can be used for sales.
  • Agriculture. Many agricultural uses are in difficult-to-get-to locations, and drones allow aerial surveillance of terrain, livestock, crops, etc. In combination with GPS and advanced imaging, drones can really make a big boost to the technology of agriculture.
  • Filming. Any type of filming that might require an aerial vantage point.

Of course the mainstream media has made a big deal about the use of drones to deliver packages, but this isn't happening (yet) on a commercial basis. If you are already in the drone industry, or thinking about getting in, there is not just the technology or industry application, there is also the insurance needed.

Anything that Flies Can Cause Problems; Hence the Need for Insurance

However, drones of both commercial and non-commercial use can create risk and liability problems. For example, you may be flying over what you think is an empty field, yet a hiker has decided to use it as a shortcut. Your drone is not like flying a light aircraft: if the power fails in an aircraft you may be able to glide it down to land safely. If the power fails in your drone it is going to drop out of the sky and there is nothing that you can do about it. Should it hit the aforementioned hiker, the consequences will be disastrous. You need drone insurance! Of course, if you are flying drones commercially you need drone insurance in any case.


ZANETTE Aviation: the Leader in Drone Insurance


Fortunately for you, ZANETTE aviation can provide the insurance you need at a price you can afford. We deal only with top-rated insurance companies who offer drone insurance on a worldwide basis – aka anywhere in the world – which means exactly what it says. You can opt for basic liability limits with or without physical damage, and you also have the option of increased liability limits. Whether you fly your drone commercially or privately, to talk about drone insurance call 650-593-3030 and talk to Joe Zanette who is our drone specialist.

One Size Fits All – Doesn’t It? Not so in the Aviation Insurance Biz

It’s a sad fact that many people believe that where insurance is concerned the policy of “one size fits all” holds true. So many people have similar requirements that a generic policy will do. For instance, as regards contents insurance many companies offer cover up to a certain value. Homeowners think that as long as they are covered for $X amount that will be sufficient.   Not true. Especially when it comes to top aviation insurance companies. There are so many variables when it comes to aviation insurance that it can be difficult to know where to begin, especially if you are not a seasoned expert. Our mission at ZANETTE is to inventory the needs and requirements of each and every customer: some are single flyers, with just one private jet; others are big flight schools or flight clubs; and still others are commercial time-shares that parcel out the use of corporate jets. Whatever your skill level, flying habits, type of aircraft and other needs – if it's in the air, we can insure it. That includes drone insurance for commercial drone needs. But Take a Common Example: Car Insurance   Let’s look at car insurance as an example; something more people understand than aircraft insurance. A car is a vehicle with four wheels, one at each corner, right? Yes, there are cheap cars and expensive cars, cars with all sorts of accessories and cars that are very basic. But ultimately they are all the same and do the same thing – get you from point A to point B.    Aviation Insurance

A Whole Different Ball Game: Aviation Insurance Rates and Quotes

However, when it comes to aircraft it’s a whole different ball game.   Certainly, all planes fly. That’s where the similarity ends.   There are light aircraft, small aircraft, large aircraft, jet planes, turbo-prop planes, gliders, helicopters, private planes, commercial planes – do you begin to see where this is going?   Then there are the uses to which an aircraft is put. Some aircraft owners just fly at weekends for the sake of being up in the sky. Others fly around the country. Still others fly around the world. Some carry passengers. Some carry goods. Some are used for aerobatic displays. Some may fly across territories where there is the risk of being shot down.   Top aviation insurance companies know all this – as do we at ZANETTE Aviation – and policies can vary enormously as a result.  

Our Job Is To See That You Get The Insurance That Is Right For You and Your Aviation Needs

Our job is to see to it that you get the insurance that is right for your particular circumstances, and unlike car insurance, everyone’s circumstances are different from the next aircraft owner. Entering the aviation insurance world is a nightmare unless you know exactly what you are doing.   Fortunately, at Zanette Aviation we have over 25 years’ experience insuring aircraft and we do know what we are doing.   We wouldn’t dream of recommending an insurance policy until we know exactly what your circumstances are – how you fly, why you fly, whether you carry cargo or passengers, where you fly, and a long list more.   Only once we understand your specific situation, which is different from everyone else’s, can we then go into the market and find an answer which is tailor made for YOU. We only ever recommend top aviation insurance companies with A.M. best rating “A” or better.   We have been in the business of aviation insurance for long enough to know where to go for the ideal solutions for you at the most affordable rates.

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We Love Flying And We Love Security And Peace Of Mind

Aviation InsuranceYes, it’s true. We put our hands up. We absolutely adore flying. Sure, our office is in the San Francisco Bay Area where we spend our working lives involved in aviation insurance, but the beauty of it is that we have San Carlos airport right outside, so we can watch all the different types of planes taking off and landing all day while we work. We don't pass a day without glancing out the window, watching a small plane take off, and really continuing to marvel at the miracle of flight. The Wright brothers have nothing on us: we love to fly, we love the aviation industry, and (yes) we love helping people identify the best aircraft insurance for their needs.   Back to our view: some of those very big commercial jets we see up to the north of us at SFO are outside the scope of our business, but the vast majority of the aircraft are not. We insure everything except the very biggest airliners.   No matter what sort of aircraft you own, it is fairly safe to say that we will find you the best insurance policy for it unless you happen to own American Airlines or Delta Air Lines. Assuming you don’t, we can help you. We'll sit down with you in person or over the phone and inventory your flying habits, skill level, type of aircraft and needs. Whether you are a single person with a single aircraft, or a flight school, or perhaps even someone in the new field of drones, we can help. (Drone insurance is our latest endeavor).   Photo credit: Derek Giovanni Photography via / CC BY-ND

25+ Years Experience in the Aviation Insurance Industry

ZANETTE Aviation Insurance Service has been in the business of insuring aircraft and pilots for over 25 years, and we like to think that there is nothing that we don’t know about aircraft insurance.   Certainly, aircraft insurance is extremely complicated, not least because no two aircraft owner’s situations are identical. What will fit one owner to a “T” will be completely wrong for the next one. Anything which flies – apart from spacecraft – comes under our remit, but there are an incredible amount of variations. Aircraft come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and are used for a wide ranging variety of purposes by a wide diversity of people.   Some owners just fly for pleasure, while others fly on business. Some may deliver cargo while others carry passengers. Then there are not only fixed wing aircraft, but helicopters, and now drones, and even balloons!  

Aircraft Insurance Is Extremely Complicated

You begin to see why the business of aircraft insurance is extremely complicated and requires a considerable amount of knowledge and experience. At Zanette Aviation we are able to provide aircraft owners with both.   Our job is to meet you and find out exactly what you do and what your circumstances are. We wouldn’t even consider recommending an insurer without having every last piece of information from you.   However, once we have that, we then have access to the top aircraft insurance companies in the US and we will find a policy that is exactly right for you and is at the best rates available. We only ever use top rated insurance underwriters so that we can be certain that you are covered for every possible sort of incident.   If you are looking for the very best aircraft insurance policy that you can get, then you have come to the right website.   Talk to us right now on 650-539-3030, and let us find the perfect aircraft insurance for you.

Is the Cheapest Insurance Always The Best Way To Go?

It’s only human nature really. When presented with two items that look very similar, the majority of people will take the one that costs the least. In some instances that might work out well, but in many cases the old expression “you get what you pay for” comes into play.   This can often be true of aviation insurance as well. The reason is that aviation insurance is an extremely complicated subject and requires extensive knowledge. Certainly you may find an aviation insurance policy that seems to cover everything you need, but it is only when push comes to shove that the differences may appear. The irony is that the complexity of the project makes it very hard for the end-user to truly understand: you run the risk of being under insured, being insured only for things you don't need so much, and missing insurance on things you really need. As is true for all complex products, you really benefit from working with an independent expert.   The very last thing that you need with an aviation insurance policy – or for that matter any insurance policy – is to find that the particular incident that has caused you to make a claim is not actually covered. Nothing could be worse.  

Cheap Aviation Insurance

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You Need To Be Certain about Your Aviation Insurance

It follows that, when insuring your aircraft, you need to be absolutely certain that you are covered for every possible incident. Yes, it may cost a little bit more than the next policy but would you rather be covered for everything, or get a very nasty – and very expensive – surprise if you have to make a claim?   We know which we prefer.   That doesn’t mean that using us to find the right policy for you is going to mean that it is the most expensive. Quite the opposite. Our mission is to find the aviation insurance policy for you that covers all the angles and at the same time is as low cost as it can be.   The most important thing, as far as our clients are concerned, is that they are covered for every eventuality. The cost of the insurance is secondary.   However, as aviation insurance brokers of over 25 years’ standing we have a track record of providing our clients with policies that cover everything that they need while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum. That doesn’t mean that the aviation insurance quotes we provide to you are always the cheapest. They may not be. Very occasionally, (not often), they could be the most expensive. Now there’s honesty for you!  

Top Rated Insurers in the Aviation Industry

When, and only when, we have ascertained your needs do we go into the market place and talk to only the top rated underwriters. This means that, first and foremost we provide you with the policy that gives you all the cover that you need for your particular situation.   However, while we may offer a choice of two or three different insurers, all of them are aware that they are in competition with each other. They all want your business so they will each offer their very best rate.   Ultimately, with aviation insurance you are paying for peace of mind. While the policies we offer may not necessarily be the cheapest (they could be) what we seek to ensure is that you can sleep easily knowing that you are covered for every eventuality. If you need to make a claim you will know that you are covered. In our view that is worth paying a few extra dollars for if that is what it takes.  

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Aviation Insurance For Flight Schools: Complex Needs

When you run flight schools your needs for aviation insurance can be quite complex. It is not just you and your aircraft up in the sky, it is your students as well. As you will know from your own experience, learning to drive is one thing, but the first time you take the controls of an aircraft it is quite another. We really admire aviation schools, as they are training the next generation for flight, but we also recognize that they have very specific aviation insurance needs. No two schools are alike!   Your aviation insurance needs to cover not only anything that you as the aircraft owner might do, but also anything that a person taking those controls for the first time might mistakenly do. Just as car insurance is more expensive for young drivers, here – too – the younger, less experienced have different needs. A thorough inventory of what your flight school does, who it trains, and how your training operations work (as well as the types of aircraft in use) is very much in order.  

A Single Prop Chipmunk!

There are so many different possibilities. This writer well remembers when learning to fly – in a single prop Chipmunk – (yes it was a long time ago! and yes! this is rather imaginary!) doing “circuits and bumps” when another aircraft flew straight across us just as I was coming in to land. The voice from my instructor, Stephen, sitting behind me, came over the headphones “I‘ll take it!”   With that he pulled back the stick, opened the throttle and climbed over the offending aircraft, and then came in to land. Once on the ground he was braking hard, but the Chipmunk seemed to be going very fast. We eventually pulled up just 50 yards short of the fence at the end of the runway, on the other side of which was a main highway!   The voice behind me said “Oh ****! I’d forgotten you only had 15º of flap on!” We had come in too high, too short, too fast, and with only half the brakes. That could have been a very nasty accident.   Aviation insurance for flight schools needs to cover an incident like that.  

Aviation for Flight Schools

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Complex Aviation Needs for Complex Flight Schools

This is one of the reasons why aviation insurance for flight schools can be so complex. At ZANETTE Aviation Insurance Service, we are aware of all the things that can happen and can make certain that the insurance quotes we provide for you cover every eventuality. It’s not just you that needs to be covered; it’s the others!   In addition, you may employ other instructors who also need to be covered on your insurance policy.

Our Staff: the Best in the Aviation Industry

ZANETTE Aviation Insurance staff will sit down with you and discuss every aspect of your business in order to ensure that we understand all of the things that need to be covered, and only then will we go out into the market to get aviation insurance for flight schools quotes from the A.M. best rated “A” or better insurance carriers. This way you get peace of mind knowing that if anything ever goes wrong you will always be covered for it.   Call us now on 650-593-3030 to discuss how we can help flight schools with their aviation insurance needs.

Aviation Insurance: It’s Not Just About Plane Crashes

It’s true that many lay people consider that aviation insurance is about plane crashes, when in reality it is far more about what happens on the ground. Plane crashes are, of course, dreadful and always make headline news. However, the fact is that statistically you are more likely to be hit by a bus when crossing the road than involved in a plane crash. (Everyone involved in commercial aviation is well aware of this fact). However, the need for aviation insurance is paramount, and the much more likely risk problems have to do with colliding with things on the ground. A stereotypical example is when a small commercial plane collides with an official sign somewhere on an airport, whether near a runway or not. Another example is when an airplane clips the edge of a hanger door, or collides with another plane on the ground, albeit mildly. None of this is cheap.  

Aviation Insurance

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Day-To-Day Claims On The Ground

It’s the day-to-day events on the ground that are involved in almost all aviation insurance claims. For instance you can be taxiing your aircraft and hit a hangar door. Now if your front door at home was damaged, it wouldn’t cost a fortune to replace it. But a hangar door is a huge piece of equipment, and it is going to cost an arm and a leg to replace, not to mention the damage to your aircraft.   You might be coming in to land when you get hit by a strong gust of wind and blown sideways into something, causing damage again to both your aircraft and the object you hit.    

A Minefield of Complex Insurance Risks

For the uninitiated, aviation insurance can be a minefield. Most people have some idea of what cover they need in order to drive a car, but aviation is a specialist area and needs the knowledge of people like us at ZANETTE. We have over 25 years of experience in aviation insurance, so we know all the things that can go wrong, and we can discuss your individual situation.   Once we understand what it is that you need to cover, we can then go out into the aviation insurance market place and find the correct insurance cover for you. We deal with the very top A.M. best rated “A” or better insurance carriers, and we know how to talk to underwriters in order to get you the best deal. When it comes to aviation insurance you need the best cover at the most affordable price.   There is a multitude of different aircraft out there – light aircraft, commercial aircraft, large aircraft, small aircraft, helicopters, drones, gliders, jet aircraft, turbo-prop aircraft – you can begin to understand what we mean when we say that it is a minefield.   It also depends on what you are going to use your aircraft for, if you are carrying passengers, or possibly paying passengers, whether you are only flying in the US or flying abroad, and so on. This is why you need an aviation insurance specialist like us in order to ensure that you get the cover you need. Our first step is to discuss with you what you're flying, what you're carrying, who will be doing the flying, etc. This detailed inventory of your flying needs and habits will then be used to identify a range of the best possible aviation insurance quotes.  

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ZANETTE Aviation Announces Drone Insurance (UAS / UAV Insurance) Information Page Update

San Francisco, CA – April 30, 2016. ZANETTE Aviation, a leading broker of aviation insurance, is proud to announce an important update to its informational page on drone insurance. Drones, officially called UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) or UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), are a rapidly growing segment of the aviation industry and the insurance needs are growing accordingly. "Our long history as a top provider of aviation insurance means that our clients look to us for leadership in the insurance sector," explained Chris Zanette, owner of ZANETTE Insurance. "The reality is that drone insurance is being increasingly requested, yet UAS / UAV insurance can be complicated as there are many possible uses and scenarios. By updating our information page and the new drone insurance website, we hope to help our online customers pre-educate themselves on options and issues." To view the updated information page on drone insurance (UAS / UAV insurance), please visit the website. There, in addition, to basic information on the scenarios and issues surrounding drone insurance, one can also reach out to ZANETTE for a competitive quote or just reach out with questions. The company prides itself on customer service: providing detailed assistance to potential customers before, during, and after the writing of an insurance policy. Interested parties can also reach out by telephone to 650-593-3030. While located in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company writes policies all over the United States.Drone Insurance - Insurance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

More on the New Information Page on Drone Insurance

The newly updated page begins with an overview to drones and drone insurance, in general. With official names used including both UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), the first possible confusion is in the different names used to describe essentially the same thing: an unmanned aircraft. Second, different use scenarios are defined and discussed. Among the more common uses of drones, today, are agriculture, aerial photography, news, and videography. Even real estate and construction sites are using drones as a way to survey works-in-progress and/or take photos for marketing purposes. Finally, the page concludes with a very brief discussion of possible scenarios and liability exposure. It is important to work with an experienced aviation insurance agency, given the newness of this exciting new field of aviation.


ZANETTE Aviation Insurance brings decades of experience writing policies for the top-rated aviation insurance companies in the business. Whether a person is in the market for aircraft insurance of any type, commercial airplane insurance or private airplane insurance, or specific policies such as helicopter insurance, DRONE (UAS / UAV) insurance or even a airplane charter jet company seeking coverage, ZANETTE can help. The company's friendly agents are among the best brokers in the USA, experienced giving affordable aircraft insurance quotes at the best rates available for corporate or business uses, or just private airplane insurance. Tel. 650-593-3030 Web.

New Drone Insurance Website Launched by ZANETTE Aviation for UAS / UAV Insurance Needs

San Francisco, CA – April 25, 2016. ZANETTE Aviation, a leading broker of aviation insurance, has announced an important step in its leadership in the drone insurance industry: ZANETTE Aviation is proud to announce a new area of service. The launch of a dedicated website at, with a focus specific on UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) often called Drones and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) insurance issues and needs. Drones are being used increasingly in industries as diverse as agriculture and surveying with an according rise in risk exposure.

"Being an eyewitness to the birth a new aviation industry is very exciting," explained Chris Zanette, owner of ZANETTE Insurance. "Drone issues are so important that we are launching a microsite specific to the segment, and populating it with unique content on drones, UAS, and UAV insurance issues. Plus the technology is just plain fun and exciting." Drone Insurance - Insurance for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

For more information on drone insurance, visit In addition, persons more familiar with ZANETTE aviation directly can go to the drone-specific page on that corporate website at The website is a more "deep dive" into the issues of drone insurance, but in either case, interested parties are urged to not only peruse the available information but also reach out to a ZANETTE aviation insurance specialist to discuss their specific needs.

A New Website for a New Industry: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The aviation industry has a long history of innovation. Starting with the first Wright brothers flight in 1903, aviation has been an industry noticeable for rapid improvements. The 1930 invention of the jet engine is but one example. Modern drones are the next step in the evolution of aviation; today's relatively modest commercial drones will no doubt be replaced by drones with capabilities that today's aviation enthusiasts can hardly imagine. With a new expansion, however, comes risk, and with risk, comes the need for insurance.

With drones expanding rapidly into different industrial sectors such as agriculture, aero photography, and even videography from the air, it takes disciplined knowledge, experience, and imagination to chart out possible risks. The new website is a first step towards putting some of this information on the Internet; ZANETTE aviation's experienced staff combines this Internet information with a unique one-on-one approach to help identify risks and write the most effective insurance policies for this new industry segment.


ZANETTE Aviation Insurance brings decades of experience writing policies for the top-rated aviation insurance companies in the business. Whether a person is in the market for aircraft insurance of any type, commercial airplane insurance or private airplane insurance, or specific policies such as helicopter insurance, DRONE (UAS / UAV) insurance or even a airplane charter jet company seeking coverage, ZANETTE can help. The company's friendly agents are among the best brokers in the USA, experienced giving affordable aircraft insurance quotes at the best rates available for corporate or business uses, or just private airplane insurance. Tel. 650-593-3030 Web.